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*After suffering for months of severe anxiety and panic attacks, which landed me in the hospital 3 times, I lost track of how many ER visits. I finally decided to be proactive and give Jackie Siples a call to see if she could help me. My 1st visit was with her on Good Friday 2010. And what a difference she has made in my life. My panic and anxiety are gone and when life throws me a curve ball, she has shown me ways of calming those waves that were so overwhelming in the past. She is a very kind person and sincerely wants to help to make life better and more relaxed. Without her help, I am confident I would still be fighting panic everyday.
Thank You Jackie Julia A
*Highly Recommended!

Jackie is honest and well worth the money. She never rushes you and an affordable, sessions can last as long as 2 hours. She sticks with you as long as you need her. She is very comforting. I was so nervous to even go in her office but after 6 minutes I found my self relaxing and feeling safe. I am happy to say my fear of driving is simply gone and other anxieties have melted away as well. I will go to her to whenever I find myself needing help with stress. I think it is safer and healthier than prescription drugs that simply puts a bandage on the real issue.
A Relaxed Woman in Tampa
5 Stars out of 5
*Miracles DO happen! I can’t accurately express how very grateful I am to Jackie at Achieve Awareness Hypnosis. We have a 15 year old son who just happens to be an anal retentive crowd and chaos phobic. His entire life he was schooled at a private 400 student K-12 school. When the recession hit and adversely affected our construction business, we found it necessary to send him to public school. This turned out to be more of a challenge than we expected. From the first day of school he would come home, wrap his arms around me, and break down. After 2 weeks of each day getting progressively worse instead of better, I decided to search for help. I knew if I took him to the MD they would only prescribe anti-depressants. I didn’t want that poison in his body. He deserved better than that! Miraculously, the very first website that popped up was Achieve Awareness Hypnosis. I called Jackie immediately, as I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Within 5 minutes Jackie returned my call and we talked at great lengths about my son’s background, history, issues, personality, likes, dislikes, everything! Jackie’s compassionate personality, knowledge, and experience were evident and I was so impressed I booked an appointment for the very next day. Since the very first meeting with Jackie we have not looked back! My son has learned to deal with life’s challenges with confidence, poise, and grace. Jackie has been a blessing to not only our son, but to our entire family. She has taken a lot of stress off of our shoulders as parents, as we don’t have the worry we did at one time. My son enjoys his sessions with Jackie so much that he asks to see her if he hasn’t seen her in awhile! That is A LOT to say for a 15 year old young man! I highly recommend Jackie at Achieve Awareness for ANY problem, issue, or reason. 5 stars simply isn’t good enough—she deserves 10 stars!

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