Achieve Awareness Hypnosis specializes in Smoking Cessation Programs. We are proud of our clients that come to us to kick the habit. We feel that when we save a smoker, we save a life. Many people have explored many ways to stop smoking. By the time they decide to try hypnosis they have exhausted traditional methods, nicotine patches, smoking pills, cold turkey, electronic cigarettes. They feel like failures when they come through our doors. Hypnosis may be last on the list, but hypnosis is a great way to stop smoking, it is one of the most powerful techniques available.

No drugs, no cravings, just pure relaxation; a day dreamy state that motivates your own natural resources is what an expert hypnotist for smoking instills in you.

Hypnosis is a safe natural process that helps motivate people to stop smoking. Most smokers realize that smoking is a deadly enemy that stalks them day in and day out. The warnings on the cigarette packages warn them of the most deadly consequences of smoking, yet they still smoke. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to help them to stop smoking. These messages seem to set up a conflict within that in itself creates stress.




Smokers who have been smoking for years ignore the risk thinking that it will never happen to me and continue to smoke. We see those deadly consequences on a daily basis. Sometimes, and then and only then do they know they have to quit smoking. It is now a life or death situation. The stories they tell all resemble each other. The late night search when they ran out of cigarettes. The treasure hunt begins with searching for a butt in the dirty ashtrays. Then, you may proceed to the closets to check pockets and purses. At that point you may consider leaving the house at 1:00 AM to go the convenience store. You think about the deserted street and the risk that you are taking to satisfy the craving. Oddly enough, it seems worth the risk. By the time a long term smoker reaches our office they are already experiencing health issues. Hypnosis is a great way to quit smoking. Besides, when you have a team of highly experienced hypnotists, the risk or fear is eliminated. Therefore, with a proficient hypnotist, quit smoking with ease.

Smoking may start in the teenage years as a way to be one of the gang, only to find out later the gang is no longer there but the ugly, deadly smoking habit remains. It is now a habit that has been stored in the subconscious mind where it becomes a powerful habit. Some people think it helps them relax, or give them courage, or even start their car. They want to quit smoking, but fear being without them.


Let us help you use hypnosis to stop smoking. Hypnosis supports your decision to break the smoking habit as well as the cravings that go with it. Everyone knows that smoking is a deadly enemy that stalks you, robs you of your health, your finances and your freedom. The good news is hypnosis can motivate the powerful, resilient subconscious mind to relearn and release you from this devastating, deadly habit. Unlike willpower, cravings are reduced where the habit resides in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind works out the solution at the deepest level of your mind using the imagination which always wins over willpower.

Achieve Awareness Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Programs are their specialty. The program is affordable and effective. The smoking cost is escalating more every year. When you become a non-smoker your program cost begins to a savings. One pack a cigarettes a day will cost you close to $2,000.00 a year. In 5 years you will have saved close to $10,000. In New York City they are $11.00 a pack now which would be $20,000 a year for a person smoking a pack a daily. So, a more economical decision would be to stop smoking with hypnosis in Florida.

The magic of hypnotherapy, for me, is that it takes away that “I’m climbing the walls” withdrawal feeling. I had done hypnotherapy before, but not with Jackie, for my longest quit (10 years). When I got addicted again, it was to nicotine mints! Even so, Jackie could work with that and get my brain to turn off its addictive receptors somehow, with added suggestions to keep me from being tempted when amidst smokers. It’s been a month now, and I don’t have nicotine in my life anymore!

Julia Stahr