3 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Anti-Smoking Hypnosis Program

On a lighter note, do you remember that one episode of FRIENDS where Chandler is trying to quit smoking and Rachel hands him a hypnosis tape that not only helps him to quit but also makes him act lady-like? Well, apart from the gender- swap, we can definitely root for one thing- hypnosis to quit smoking works effectively and it’s not a myth or a gimmick.

In case you decided to sign-up for a hypnosis session to quit smoking after looking into the benefits, you are already a step ahead of others in breaking the infinite cycle of quitting and binge smoking. Now that you are set for your upcoming appointment, here’s how you can ensure its success from your end.

Be a blank canvas

No matter how open-minded or prejudice-free we think ourselves to be, we still possess many preconceived notions and biased ideas that we carry across in our day-to-day activities. Acceptance is key in this treatment. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to tap into your subconscious mind to bring that habit into your action naturally. That can only happen if you allow your conscious mind to let go of the control and be submissive to the treatment.


Regardless of your age and professional accolade, complete hyper focus is one thing that even the most diligent people fail at. Our mind tends to wander a lot than we would like to admit. Although your stop smoking safety hypnotherapy is meant for relaxation, it’s important for you as a receiver to be completely present in the space in order to receive the treatment entirely. Listen to your therapist and follow every instruction diligently so that the changes can happen in your mind.


Reinforcements are repetitions. Reinforcements are affirmations. It’s highly likely that you will be handed over a tape to go through those sessions again and again just like developing a new habit. Although it’s not necessary to do it, reinforcement can help you achieve your goals faster and make the process easy.

In concluding note, do not be stressed or over- anticipate the process/ outcome. Remember, you only fail when you give up.

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