When it comes to hypnotherapy, there are people who consider it nothing more than a stage act. They fail to see it as a process that may actually help them inculcate positive thinking, overcome self-limiting beliefs and eradicate negative thought process. Misconceptions about hypnosis are many because of which most people refrain from seeking help from a trained hypnotist who may assist them in tapping into their subconscious mind to reinforce desired outcomes. From hypnosis for tobacco cessation to overcoming fears, hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to take charge of your life.

In this blog post, we would debunk some common misconceptions about hypnotherapy. Read on to develop a better understanding of hypnosis.

Myth 1- You lose free will when hypnotized

A very popular myth about hypnosis is that the patient has no free will during the session. Drawing from the old “quack like a duck” thing, people actually believe that they surrender control of their mind to the hypnotist upon being hypnotized. This isn’t true. Nobody can control your mind, including your hypnotist, without your permission. At no point during the session will you be surrendering all control.

Myth 2- You are mentally weak if you can be hypnotized

Contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to be weak mindedto be hypnotized.Willingness to be hypnotized along with sufficient concentration so as to follow simple instructions are all you need, irrespective of what your IQ may be. So, say you want to undertake hypnosis for tobacco cessation, you just need to make up your mind and hypnotherapy will prove to be one of the most powerful techniques that will help you quit.

Myth 3- You can be manipulated to reveal secrets

While it is true that during hypnosis sessions, you may learn things about yourself that you may have forgotten or weren’t consciously aware of earlier but that doesn’t mean that you will be revealing secrets that you don’t want to share. You will be amazed to know your subconscious mind’s ability to censor things that you aren’t ready to face.

Myth 4- You will snap out of a habit after a single session

Some consider hypnosis to be a “miracle cure” but that is not true. Hypnotherapy surely helps you make permanent improvements in your life like quitting the dangerous habit of smoking but a one-time hypno-miracle doesn’t exist. Everyone makes progress at a different pace. Give it some time and you will see positive results.

Final words

Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to relax and change your brain’s wiring to motivate yourself to work toward any goal that you may have. If you are a smoker and have tried everything, from nicotine patches to electronic cigarettes, to no avail, do try our hypnosis smoking cessation program.

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